Jennifer Maneely: President and Founder

I have been acting as an addiction strategist for parent's through for over 8 years. Because of having lived in the world of addiction for so long and being able to repair my life, I know what it takes to for someone to stop. I help parents understand the confusing and chaotic world of addiction and more importantly, how they can help their loved ones through it. There is no one better to help understand the subtle red flags, interpret situations, and help fill in the gaps of what is really going on with their addicted loved one better than a person that has been through it. Parents need strategies to support themselves through their loved ones addiction.

Background and Training

Before starting her own business, Jennifer Maneely worked with a corporate leadership development company. The company specializes working with senior executives of large Fortune 500 companies. She started as the content manager and moved into working more closely with the senior executives as a leadership coach. Through working with the corporate executives, she continued to find a large number of these executives were also parents with addicted children. Combining her experience with addiction and corporate leadership skills, she found blending the two for these executive parents made a powerful impact and difference. The parents started pivoting how they were handing themselves through their child's addiction, and the children suffering with the substance abuse often started getting better. Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, and only when they were ready, but they were getting better. That was when Jen decided to start her own company and focus on helping more parents. Now she teached families how to set boundaries with their own loved ones.


Blind Spots

Learn how to find and remove your own blind spots that may be continuing to support your child in them going down their path of destruction

Judgements and Opinions

How to deal with the judgments and opinions of others that make it difficult to be open and honest about what is really going on in your life and prevents you from wanting to seek help for your loved one and for yourself. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Help you in knowing and understanding your roles and responsibilities are to prevent you from unknowingly enabling your child and potentially supporting their overdose. 


Stop liquidating your financial funds. There are ways of financially protecting yourself and your addicted child that don't enable them to kill themselves with drug abuse.


Learn how to design your own boundaries that get you results and stop the addict in your life from destroying you in their self destruction. 

Break Free

Start getting your own life back to where you can start enjoying your life again and you don't feel so imprisoned from your loved ones addiction.

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