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The F.A.C.T.S.™ System works with YOUR son/daughter's foundation.

There is no one that knows your son/daughter better than you do. Many times, parents reach out to other parents that have experience with substance abuse issues and they tell them what worked for them, so you went out, tried it, and you may not have gotten the same results. It's because their son/daughter is not YOUR son/daughter. Maybe a parent told you you had to set a boundary that you simply aren't willing to do. It could be because you know it wouldn't work for your child because you know them. This system focuses more on building your support from your foundation of knowing your child. It supports you finding the answers within you and helping you get the confidence you need to make those tough, strong, and loving decisions you are faced with on a daily basis.

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Start taking back control

This proven system will help you as a parent understand how you can support your loved one with a substance abuse issue. It supports you in answering that tough question "What do I do?" If you've been struggling with sleeping at night, confused as to what happened to your son/daughter, and ready to start feeling like you are back in control again, this system will answer a lot of those unanswered questions you have rolling around in your head.

All while allowing you to remain confidential and keeping your private life private. No more having to listen to all those judgments, opinions, and advice giving from people that don't understand. No more having people tell you what you "Should" be doing that you know you are simply not going to do.

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This is a program that will give you the clarity you need to support your son/daughter through the war raging inside them. 

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Learn the F.A.C.T.S.™ System to Support Saving the Life of Your Addicted Loved One. 

There is light at the end of the tunnel

Having a child with substance abuse issues can make you feel hopeless, powerless, and desperate

Most parents can start feeling just as out of control as their own kids. The level of chaos and destruction that can ensue will make you feel like you are losing a war that you have no weapons to battle with.

This system arms you with the weapons you need to start winning battles so ultimately you have a chance to win the war and get your son/daughter back. There is always hope, and the biggest weapon you already have is the love that you have for your child.

*Please note, you will able to preview the free content just by creating an account. All information is confidential. Click the button to get started. 

About the Program:

People are busy, it's hard to even think about adding anything to your plate. Most parents that have a child with a substance abuse issues think to themselves, "I don't have time to deal with this right now." That's why it can be challenging to find resources that fit into your life. 


Until now. 

This program is a six week online course. It is broken down into manageable pieces so once a week, you get a new chapter. It does not take a lot of time, and you can go back and watch the videos anytime. 

The best part is you will learn more in the next six weeks than you will learn in a lifetime. This is an investment into saving you time, energy, and money. 


Outline of Program

Week 1

Face Reality

The first section helps answer the question about what drives and motivates the person with the substance abuse. It answers a lot of the "Why" do they continue to behave the way they do questions. This will help answer many of those unanswered questions. You will start to become willing to face the things you haven't been able to bring yourself to face. Denial is a hard area to break through on your own. You don't know what you don't know. We tackle this area in the beginning of the program.

Week 4

Think-> Respond

Generally, when we talk about our loved ones with a substance abuse, we talk about boundaries and how you have to set them. But there is a lot of considerations that go into setting effective boundaries. You have to set them from YOUR foundations. You have to believe in them, you have to be willing to enforce them. This section we go into details about how to think about your boundaries and then how to frame them in such a way that you can enforce them. There is so much chaos that happens, you can become reactive to situations. This section enforces you having strategies BEFORE things happen so you can better handle the situations that arise with a grounded, thoughtful approach.

Week 2

Assess Your Situation

It's crucial to take a step back and look at your situation in its entirety. What are those things you have found yourself doing that you never imagined you would be faced with doing? As the substance abuse in your child progresses, different strategies work better. You need to know what phase you are in so you can start using the right strategies. There is a difference between investing in your child's future and giving them money that is ultimately going to drugs. We break the financial situation down so you can make sure you are investing your money in the right areas and in the right ways. 

Week 5

Show Love

Parents just want their smart and capable kids to be happy. All the anger, frustration, judments, and resentments come from the fact that you love them and you know they aren't living up to their potential. Remembering that point and knowing how to show them love through the war raging on inside of them is essential to them deciding to choose life. Showing love while enforcing boundaries is crucial. The boundaries you set is telling them and showing them how much you love them and how much you believe in them. And knowing how to communicate that with them will make a huge difference in them believing in themselves.  

Week 3

Commit To Yourself

This is a long road, it can be exhausting. You may find yourself just existing at some points. You may want to throw your hands up and give up. There is a hopelessness that can happen. In this section, there is a commitment to yourself you must have to keep going and to not give up. It's a commitment to yourself that you will be willing to take a step back and ask yourself what works and what doesn't work. It's a commitment to show up and do the inner work it's going to take to get yourself and your loved one through this. And most importantly, it's a commitment to become willing to make loving decisions that may hurt sometimes. 

Week 6

Rehabs, Sober Living Houses, and Maintenance

There is so much confusion about the responsibilities of Rehabs and Sober living houses. The success rates of these places are dependant on the willingness of the person entering into them. They aren't the "Fix." The same with the maintenance drugs. It's important to understand how to use these resources effectively. There's pros and cons to anything and these resources are no different so going into using these resources, it's important to know what they do and what they don't do. 

Group Calls:

There are three main objections about the group therapies that parent's have. 

1. Lack of confidentiality

2. Can't find the time

3. There isn't a strong support network in your area

Maybe group therapies simply aren't your thing, or maybe you would love to be able to do something like that but for various reasons you can't.


Feeling like you aren't alone can make a HUGE difference in your success. It's also helpful to listen and hear other people that are going through this or have gone through this and learn different strategies provided by a professional coach.


Included in your program, you will automatically be subscribed into a full year of our monthly phone calls. Once a month, there will be group phone calls where you will get a chance to ask questions, listen to other people's stories or other ways they are getting support, what has worked, what hasn't. 


Great news, it is fully confidential and heavily moderated so the conversations don't stray into advice, judgments, or opinions. Only one person will be able to be unmuted and talk to the facilitator of the group. No one will be able to see who is on the calls. 

The Cost

  • The average cost of Rehabs can range anywhere from $18,000-$60,000+ out of pocket for 30 days. 

  • Sober living houses can cost $1,400-$1,800+ upon entry for their first 30 days. 

  • Individual Therapy can average $1,200-$5,200 for the year

  • Group therapies don't cost money often times, but they cost a lot in time and time is one of our most valuable non-renewable resources. 

The bottom line is that the resources in this area of substance abuse are so damn expensive. This system is created and designed to provide a year of support and education.

Bonus: One free strategy session with a professional coach to shed more light on your personal situation at hand. 

Value: $350

15% of all proceeds goes into a scholarship fund for a person who is needing rehab and can't afford to get the help they so desperately need. By investing in yourself, you are also helping to save a life. 

Ask Yourself

What's the cost to you if you do nothing?

What will the cost be if you keep going down the road you're going 5 years from now? 10 Years? Can you even imagine living like this for another 5 years, 10 years, 20 years????


Do you think your son/daughter will live that long?

*Please note, you will able to preview the free content just by creating an account. All information is confidential. Click the button to get started. 

Jen, I may not be ready for your online program yet, but I am interested in learning more about what you do, hearing some of your stories, and seeing what else you have to offer. I'll sign up to your list and start getting great education, clarity and insights.