Jen's Meeting Room

Once a month, I host a FREE virtual meeting that is designed to focus on the families who are struggling with loved ones in addiction or have trauma related substance abuse. 

Please Note BEFORE signing up:

  • This is NOT a 12 step meeting. This is ME facilitating a meeting and guiding the discussion. You will have a chance to ask questions or tell a little bit about what is going on with you if you want, but if you are sharing also know I will be responding with suggestions and guidance. (No advice giving)

  • I try to make things as private as possible, however, when you sign into the meeting room, even if you call in, your number or email will show up. If you are concerned about confidentiality and wish to remain anonymous, my best suggestion for you is to create a new email specifically for these meetings so no one will know who you are unless you want them to, and go to the meeting rooms via that new email. 

  • You will have the ability to show your face through video, but you don't have to turn your camera on unless you want to. 

What are we going to be covering in these monthly meetings?

How do you know what to do when:

  • Your loved one gets arrested?

  • They are hinting at suicide? Or flat out telling you they are going to kill themselves?

  • You start seeing money missing from your wallet? Or you are much further along in them stealing from you and all your tools, TV, Jewelry, etc are gone?

  • You know they are lying to you, but you have no evidence? 

  • They can't seem to really hear anything you are saying to them?

  • You're in a vicious cycle of things getting better then things getting worse again?

  • You get so sick and tired of having to stop everything you're doing to go clean up their mess?

  • They have wrecked yet another car you bought them so they could get to and from work?

  • They say they are going to work, but they never seem to have money?

  • Your boundaries seem to be constantly getting stomped on?

  • They are in the hospital for the THIRD freaking overdose, as if one wasn't enough to wake them up. 

These are just a few of the topics we will be covering in these meetings but really these meeting are going to be driven by you. 

Also, I will be having different guests come on and share with the groups their own experiences and what has worked for them or their stories. We can learn a lot from each other.