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What I'm Looking For In A Guest


Interview Application

If you have a story about how addiction has impacted your life, whether you are a family member, someone in recovery, or a professional that works in the field in someway, I want to hear from you. Read my goal and intention for this podcast and see if it is the right fit, and if you think you have something that could help someone else, please fill out the form below and I will be in touch to get you scheduled for a podcast interview. 

About the Podcast

The purpose of this podcast is to help families with their loved ones who are battling substance abuse issues. Families do not get the same amount of resources as the ones who are suffering from addiction.

It’s been my goal to start providing these resources so the families have a better understanding of how they can support their loved ones. Your stories are going to help these families understand so they can set boundaries from a loving and supportive place.

Another goal of this podcast is to help people who are suffering with substance abuse issues to have a better understanding of what the families are going through.

We will talk a lot about early recovery. The emotions we deal with, the challenges we face, the struggles we have integrating back into society, and what are some of the things that have helped us the most.


The conversation we will have will be a casual one. I will ask questions around rehab, sober living, community, program, emotions you experienced, your own family experience good and/or bad. What boundaries were helpful, what didn’t work, etc. We will have a few minutes prior to recording to go over anything you don’t want to discuss publicly and mostly just to get comfortable, as well as just getting a general sense of where the conversation will go. I will keep the introduction with your first name only if requested.

You may be asked as a professional to come onto the podcast. The goal will be to share what you have seen among the community of what works, your professional ideas, and different strategies people can use. 

If you own a business, we will leave some time to talk more about your business and what you do to help others. 

If you want to gain even more of an understanding of the podcast, go listen to a episode or two