Are you signing up for it?

We often don't like to think we are signing up for being treated like crap and being run over by our loved ones that have substance abuse. The unfortunate reality is, we often can find ourselves getting upset at the same things over and over again.

"S/HE DID IT AGAIN TO ME." You may find yourself saying this repeatedly.

Unfortunately, if they continue doing the same things to you over and over again, at some point we have to put our foot down and take action.

If they just stole from you yet again, why are they getting opportunities to steal from you repeatedly?

If they just used in your house AGAIN after you told them they weren't allowed to AGAIN, why did they just get that opportunity to do that?

If you just bailed them out of jail AGAIN, after you said it would be the last time three times ago...

Words mean very little to a person with substance abuse, action is the only thing they can hear. So, how are you taking care of yourself through their chaos and not putting yourself in the same situations over and over again? We aren't responsible for them, but we are responsible for ourselves and our boundaries. And we can't get mad at them if we continue to allow them to cross our boundaries.


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