Do they always seem to have an excuse?

Yes, I am aware it's Christmas eve. Merry Christmas everyone. I've posted a couple of recent blogs about the holidays, but this blog is not that. It's about excuses, because you will be hearing plenty of them.

People that NEED to get help will often find 1000 reasons why things won’t work for them. People that WANT to get help, do.

Here is the thing, I’ve been in recovery for over 15 years (not all of it clean) but I’ve watched thousands of people get into recovery, decide it’s too much work, or they hate the way it’s done and leave. I’ve heard thousands of excuses, some I have even used for myself.

Some common excuses:

-Those people are crazy, I'm not like them

-It's too religious

-It doesn't help me (even though they haven't done any of the actual work)

-I don't need that, I'm good now

But even for myself, when I want to achieve something bad enough, I will. Not saying it’s easy, but I will accomplish it. When I wanted to quit drugs, I did. When I wanted to quit smoking, I did. When I wanted to graduate college, when I wanted to lose weight, when I wanted to stop drinking soda, eating sugar, etc...I DID.

Now, on the the next phase, cutting out comfort foods. I don’t want to, I NEED to, so I come up with a thousand excuses why I don’t. But they are just that, excuses. When I WANT something bad enough, I do it.

I hear people complain all the time about 12 step programs and why they don’t work and why they suck and why they won’t go...and that’s ok, maybe 12 step programs aren't for everyone. And then they try something else, and all the same complaints. And then something else, and more excuses. Bottom line, they don’t WANT to get better.

If you are hearing excuse after excuse, no matter how good they sound, it is still simply an excuse. You may even agree with some of the excuses. But it’s just excuses. Facing ourselves and healing can be painful. No...IT IS PAINFUL...and it's also worth it.


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