Ever felt judged because of your loved one in addiction?

When it comes to having a loved one in addiction, you’re going to need help learning how to deal with your loved one. Often, that help can come is simple support, a listening ear, maybe a counselor, and a LOT of people more than willing to give you opinions and advice (Even if they have no clue what to do).

Those same people that are happy to give you advice that have never experienced what it’s like having a loved one in addiction, also will have a tendency to sometimes judge you a little. Have you ever felt that? Felt judged by someone? More than likely you have.

Here’s what I have to say about that: You don’t have to accept their judgement. Fuck em. I know that sounds crude and unprofessional, but it’s important. It’s important that you don’t feed into their own bullshit. Because here is the thing, they aren’t judging you, they are judging their own insecurities about their ability to handle something like that.

But as the saying goes, God does not give us more than what we can handle, even if it feels like it at times. God can often see our strength to handle things much easier than we can. This is YOUR journey, YOUR opportunity to find out exactly how strong you really are. Because it take a strong person to walk through the depths of hell and have the ability to come out to the other side and decide to help others.

We don’t always get to know and understand what the future holds for us, but while you are experiencing having a loved on in addiction, remember this: It’s an opportunity, and you are going to get a chance to turn something difficult and hard into the ability to help others. You are not the only one going through this at the moment. And there will be a lot of people that are going to experience this in the future, and you can help them.

Maybe right now, you feel to embarrassed and ashamed of what’s happening in your life. But you don’t have to.

The important thing is that you remember you are not alone, and there are already people out there wanting to help. I have my story of walking through hell. It was with my own addiction. My addiction that almost killed me, but I am alive for a purpose. And my purpose is to help others. Now I know what your thinking, O, my loved one in addiction needs your help.

You are correct, they do need my help. But they don’t want my help, not yet anyways. That’s why I took a different road, and started helping families that have loved ones in addiction. Because until they WANT my help, the only person I can really help is the families. The families that want and need guidance through this until their loved one gets ready. Families that need/want to know what they can do to best support and help them, but not fall into the pattern of unintentionally enabling them.

Families that want and need to know how to set effective boundaries while also getting support and strength from someone that understands. Addiction is like being in a foreign country. And it's ok to have a guide.


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