Misconceptions about rehab facilities

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time focusing and listening to some of the family members and their pains and struggles. Also listening to their frustrating stories and some of their misconceptions. One of the top misconception family members have is what rehab facilitates can do for their loved one.

Rehab facilities do not cure your loved of their addiction.

Even the long-term facilities do not cure your loved one. No matter how long a person stays, whether it’s ten days or three years, your addicted loved one has to make some significant shifts in their lives to really start getting better.

If you go into different rehab facilities, they will over several different kinds of treatment and therapy, and that’s in the hopes that something will resonate with the addict that they may want to continue when they leave the facility. But one is not better than the other, and it resonates with the addict when the addict wants it to.

If an addicted loved one has no desire to make changes to get better, then they won’t get better. When they get out, if they just keep doing the same things, they are going to start using drugs again. And that’s the addicts’ fault, not the rehab.

People who are addicted tend to have a victim mentality. They will blame the rehab facilities on not providing adequate care. That’s bull shit.

I’m not saying there aren’t some facilitates out there that are doing the wrong things, so you do have to be careful BUT for the most part, even in a “bad” rehab facility, if an addict wants to get better, they will.

Rehabs allow for the addict to step back and evaluate their lives and decide if they want to start making different decisions. They will blame facilitates when they start screwing up again. They blame everyone and everything around them. O poor pitiful me, I’m an addict I can’t do anything about it, it’s a disease, whine whine whine.

Keep in mind, I’m in recovery, I did those things too. But addiction is classified as a disease, it does not take the responsibility away from the addicts’ choices. And using drugs is a choice. Like it or not, they are choosing to do drugs and do shitty things. So an addict gets out of rehab, it’s their choice what they do with the tools and resources the rehabs provide them.

Picking a rehab for your loved one can be a daunting task. I have created relationships with rehab facilities that I know and trust are doing the right things. If you are in the stages of looking for where to send your loved one, you can set up a phone call with me and we can go over your options and I can help send you in the right direction. Schedule a free strategy call with me and feel good about where your loved one is being sent to.

It's important that if they are desperate and ready, YOU DON'T WAIT. If you wait, they will talk themselves and you out of going to rehab and just keep using drugs. They will make promises they will get better on their own and may even hide their drug use better for a while. But nothing is going to change.

Jennifer Maneely has spent the last eight years investing in leadership programs, self-awareness, and relationship with families through communication. Drawing on her experience as a leadership consultant, she uses an executive coaching approach to working with parents. She has dedicated her life and her business to not only addicts in need but also understanding and supporting the needs of the family members. Being a recovering addict herself, she is trained in what it takes for an addict to get their life back and has spent years teaching family members how to respond to the addicts to prevent the families from unintentionally supporting the addict in their self-sabotage and destructive patterns of behaviors. Want to stop supporting your loved one in their addiction? Set up a free strategy call

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