The Preface of my new book: Dear Parents: Strategies to Help Your Loved One Through Addiction

I wanted to release the preface of my new book called Dear Parents: Strategies to help your loved one through addiction. Stay tuned for the release date of the full book.


Hi. I’m Jen. I am a recovering addict. My mom and I have been on a long, life changing, soul shattering, and heartwarming journey through my addiction into my recovery… Our recovery. I am here to share these very personal experiences with you, because I want this for you and your child. I will tell you how I changed, and perhaps more importantly, how she changed, which served as the catalyst for the beginning of my road to recovery.

There is an enormous lack of resources for parents seeking help while their child is suffering from addiction. It is my mission to address this problem and help as many parents as I can. Based on our journey and hundreds of hours of research and education, I have developed a proven method that works.

I would never call myself a writer or an author of any kind. I won’t pretend the book is perfect with the best writing you’ve ever seen. I’m simply a person who has sat back and watched thousands of parents go into absolute despair and desperation trying to figure out how they can help. So, I wrote this book to provide parents with the thing they need the most...strategies and hope.

I use foul language in this book. Addiction is not conservative or clean. It’s messy and often leaves you with little to say other than bad words and maybe a prayer. I have found that even the most conservative people are left cussing.

I have chosen to focus on the parents specifically because generally speaking, they end up becoming the primary caretakers of the addict with some of the most complicated dynamics that you can have in a relationship AND no matter what happens, you will always be their parent.

In this book, you will read about the Four Stages of Addiction. You will see where your loved one fits, and you will find solutions for each stage. You will read about the Five Areas, where parents, often unknowingly, make the most mistakes that set back the recovery of their child because you are entering into a world that doesn’t make sense to you.

And what I mean by using the term “mistakes,” it’s not about taking responsibility for their addiction as you are absolutely not to blame, it’s simply about being the human being you are with many lessons left to learn. I continue to learn my own lessons and gain new insights day in and day out, and so will you.

Imagine going over to a foreign country where you don’t speak the language without a guide or interpreter. Addiction follows a different set of rules and speaks a different language. Without a guide or interpreter in a foreign country, mistakes would be made. Without a guide through addiction, mistakes will be made. But should not be shamed.

You will find many “me too” moments throughout this book, and you will nod along. You may get angry, you may cry, then become filled with hope and joy.

In the final two chapters: What Do I Do Now, and Your life will never be the same, you will find more strategies and more help and left with direction and hope you are looking for. But the most important piece of all, is that you will find that you are not alone on this road. I am here to help.

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