What if my child refuses a drug test? Does that mean they are using?

Plain and simple, yes. If your child refuses a drug test, that is a pretty clear indication they know they will not pass. When I got clean, I told my mom that no matter how much time passes, she is allowed to drug test me. I have 12 years clean, that rule still applies and if she asked me to pee for her, I would with no questions asked.

Common excuses to try and get out of a drug test

· I just went to the bathroom a few minutes ago, I can’t right now.

· I’ve been doing good, you should just trust me

· I’m grown, I don’t need to pee for you

If they are trying to get out of the drug test or delay it, you need to listen to your instincts. You have your answer, TRUST IT. Believe in yourself enough to know they have given you the answer you need.

And now it’s time to defend those boundaries you have created.

If they pee for you and it comes out positive, but then they start trying to make you believe it was an accident, or they have excuses, DON’T BELIEVE THEM!!!!

Common excuses for failed drug tests

· It must be something I ate

· I took headache medicine

· I had a poppy seed muffin

· It must be the supplements I’m taking showing a false positive.

· It’s a faulty drug test

· I was at a party and someone must have been smoking pot around me

· I smoked someone else’s cigarette and it must have been laced with something. I swear I didn’t know

Nope, don’t buy that bullshit. There are some over the counter drug medications that will cause false positive, here’s the trick. Addicts that are taking drug tests KNOW how to get around them.

They know what to say and what over the counter medications will show up as a false positive in rare occasions. They will use that as an excuse so here is the red flag: They sit you down and google it to show you some website that says certain common over the counter medications cause false positives. Certain websites even state Advil as one of them…GOOD GRIEF!! I’ve taken headache medicine right before a drug test and it did not come back positive. That’s just ridiculous.

They are prepared, and ready for you to not believe them and have armored themselves with proof. Once again, you have to trust yourself, believe in your instincts, and act accordingly.

Here’s where you will end up if you don’t believe in yourself. Many parents have lurked behind their addicted children that are living with them after they go to the bathroom, waiting for them to forget to flush the toilet. They go in after the addict has used the bathroom and scooped pee out of the toilet to get a drug test.

It will confirm your suspicions yes. But if you have gone so low to normalize scooping pee out of the toilet after your child, you desperately need help.

What I mean is, you have started becoming so immune to the insane behaviors, you have lost yourself in their chaos and you are simply desperate to do whatever it takes to help your loved one.

You are losing your confidence and your ability to trust yourself.

I can help you get that back. If you haven’t found yourself in this situation yet, you will if you don’t get help now.

To get out of your child’s chaos and unacceptable behaviors, set up a free strategy call with me and I will tell you how. Otherwise, you will find yourself continuing to progressively accept the unacceptable.

Sign up for a free strategy call now and I can get you started on different strategies to truly support your child and yourself through the addiction chaos.

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