When it comes to your addict/ alcoholic, actions not words is essential

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

First and foremost, HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I wrote a blog a couple of days ago about Thanksgiving as it pertains to your loved one with substance abuse or in early recovery from substance abuse.

In conjunction with that blog, I want to reiterate a major point...Actions are stronger than words. We can talk to people we love all day long about how we feel about their substance abuse, their life, about what they need to be doing for themselves, etc...But people don't hear words. They notice actions.

If you tell them you love them and believe in them, how are you following through with your actions?

If you give them an ultimatum, how are you following through with your actions?

One thing to remember, you can't control anyone else's actions, but you can control yours. You can't make them do something, but you can tell them the consequences of their actions.

Let's reverse this. The same applies for the people with substance abuse, never believe their words, only believe their actions. If you don't see massive action, you won't see change no matter how much you hope for it.

Hope can be blinding if you are watching their words.

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