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I have been working with addicts and families of addicts for over a decade. Loving an addict is confusing and painful. I have watched families love their children and significant others to death. Addiction is a life-threatening disease that has statistics skyrocketing in death rates.

My focus is on the parents that have kids in addiction and preventing them from unknowingly supporting their kid into becoming an overdose statistic.

I have spent the last eight years investing in leadership programs, self-awareness, and relationship with families through communication. I've dedicated my life and my business to not only addicts in need but also understanding and supporting the needs of the family members. Being a recovering addict myself, I am trained in what it takes for an addict to get their life back and has spent years training family members how to respond to the addicts in order to prevent the families from unintentionally supporting the addict in their self-sabotage and destructive patterns of behaviors.  Addiction is complex and can be fatal if a person turns to compulsive drug use. Get help with your loved one suffering through addiction. 

Jennifer Maneely
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