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I interview guests that work in or own facilities. If you are looking for places to send your loved one, you can start here. 

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Green Hill’s team is uniquely prepared to help their residents, males 18-27, develop the tools needed to succeed in recovery and in life. They believe academic and career development are vital components of their residents’ recovery journeys, so they complement their clinical team with experienced academics, proven leaders, and working professionals. Their team is committed to delivering residents a well-rounded recovery experience, equipping them with the skills needed to chart their own paths in recovery.


The Ember Lodge works with young adult women. A note from Ember Lodge:

While we can never say we know exactly what you are feeling; the staff members at Ember Lodge can relate. On a deeply personal level, we understand the often hopeless feelings of early recovery. We have witnessed and experienced the immense beauty that comes with healing your way through to the other side. This intimate understanding is deeply rooted in our magnetic pull to serve others transitioning into a life of lasting recovery.

New Program for the families who are desperate to find help for their loved ones.

Introducing: The Early Recovery Program

Early recovery is messy. It isn't always clear what to do and how to do it. I know personally I was confused, scared, I didn't know who to turn to, how to find answers to the so many questions I had. I stumbled, made bad choices, and I had no idea how to get through them.

There were emotions I didn't understand, my brain felt like it was attacking itself, and I felt so lost and alone.

Just entering into recovery can feel overwhelming. I think back to what I wish I had in the beginning which was more information about what to expect and to not feel so alone but I didn't know how to get that, or even know how to ask for it. So I created this program with the intention to help people find their way through the darkness of early recovery.

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Dear Parents: Strategies to Help Your Loved One Through Addiction is for the parents who have a loved one with a substance abuse issue and wish they had more control over the situation. Addiction can play by its own set of rules, it has its own language, and no one teaches you how to deal with these murky, confusing waters. You can be left feeling as desperate and hopeless as your adult child. Dear Parents provides strategies, guidance, and hope for any parent at any stage of substance abuse.

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Families Dealing with Addiction

Having loved ones with substance abuse issues can lead us to having far more questions than answers. We can feel like we are losing our sense of self, being isolated, and full of anxiety and fear that leave us filled with dread every time the phone rings. Sleep? What's that? 


This support group is not like your typical support group. The goal is that people feel more connected with themselves, with others, feeling like you are not alone in this, and a way to provide helpful tools and tips. 

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