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Two episodes ago, we heard from a mother, Bilinda. She gave us some great insights to what she was experiencing as she was dealing with both her son and her daughter through addiction. The last episode, her daughter, Marilyn, had a very open conversation with me about her experiences through addiction and coming out the other side. It was eye opening for both the mother and the daughter to hear from each other. So I wanted to do something special, and that was to invite both of them to come onto my podcast and have us hear what their insights were together. 

Last week, we had Bilinda Blume on, a mother of two kids that dealt with addiction. I had the privilege of following things up with her daughter this week, Marilyn. Marilyn dives deep into her own story of her side of things and what were some helpful things her family did, but also shares with us what were some of the things that were not so helpful. Her story is going to help and impact so many people. 

An incredible interview with a woman who has experience with having loved ones dealing with substance abuse. Bilinda is a mother of three; two of her children have struggled with substance abuse, beginning in their teens and into young adulthood. ​

She has been supportive and loving to her children in a healthy way, despite how painful and uncertain addiction can be. Helping others rise above their life's challenges is her passion, life's work, and addiction is one of the driving forces. 

We talk about what it was like for her, finding herself through having 2 children dealing with addiction. A powerful interview every parent needs to listen to. We talk about our upcoming event we are hosting together. For more information about the event Click Here to Learn More.


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