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How do you know what to do when:

  • Your loved one gets arrested?

  • They are hinting at suicide? Or flat out telling you they are going to kill themselves?

  • You start seeing money missing from your wallet? Or you are much further along in them stealing from you and all your tools, TV, Jewelry, etc are gone?

  • You know they are lying to you, but you have no evidence? 

  • They can't seem to really hear anything you are saying to them?

  • You're in a vicious cycle of things getting better then things getting worse again?

  • You get so sick and tired of having to stop everything you're doing to go clean up their mess?

  • They have wrecked yet another car you bought them so they could get to and from work?

  • They say they are going to work, but they never seem to have money?

  • Your boundaries seem to be constantly getting stomped on?

  • They are in the hospital for the THIRD freaking overdose, as if one wasn't enough to wake them up. 


1. Inspired by the families

2. In spite the families

3. They die

I help parents learn how to inspire their loved ones. I teach them how to set the loving and supporting boundaries that ultimately saved my life. Learn more by signing up to get my free ebook.

The Bottom Line

You could spend the next years of your life desperate, floundering, full of fear, anger, shame, wasting time and money


You could learn how to be their inspiring spark that supports them into their own recovery before it's too late. 




  • Sleep at night again.

  • Remove guilt and shame from your decisions.

  • Get rid of that ball of anxiety that never seems to go away.

  • Focus on your own life and your own ambitions you set out for yourself before all this started happening. 

  • Remain loving and supportive through the whole process. 

The Best Place To Start? The Unbreakable Boundaries Program

Setting effective, loving boundaries is essential to their well being and yours.

  • How do you set clear expectations?

  • How do you know what to expect from a seemingly unpredictable world?

  • How do you love them unconditionally and support them, without crossing the line into enabling?

If you don't want to:​

  • Lose your marriage

  • Lose your house

  • Destroy any hope of having a relationship with your loved one

Setting effective boundaries will save you and them. No parent wants to turn their back on their loved one...and you don't have to. 




For parents that are experiencing a loved one with substance abuse, you are probably feeling exhausted, isolated, scared, and ready just to throw your hands up because everytime you open your mouth and try to help your son/daughter, it’s like talking to a brick wall. Every move you make seems to be the wrong one.



Your work life may even be suffering because even though you are physically present at work, mentally you are not. All your attention and focus is worrying about your child, and your performance at work suffers. People are noticing a change in you and not for the better. They may even be telling you open up and let people know what's going on, but when you do, you may experience feeling judged pushing you deeper into isolation and confusion.




When you try to Google and go to the online forums researching what to do and how to fix it your child, you may be left feeling more confused than ever because one person says this, and another person says that and it all contradicts each other and you’re left just wanting to pull your hair out. It may seem like you haven’t really slept in days or weeks and the exhaustion leaves you sitting in the car crying at stop lights and begging the higher powers that be to just tell you what to do to “fix your child.”

Are you ready to save yourself time and money?

You may not have years to learn this stuff on our own.

Learn more about The Unbreakable Boundaries Program

Impact Addiction Has On The Families

Families can often find themselves:

  • Estranged

  • In an unhealthy caretaker role

  • Financially unstable

  • Being put in dangerous situation

  • Grieving the loss of their loved one

Substance abuse tears families apart and causes a lot of pain and suffering to everyone in the lives of the person dealing with their substance abuse. As more resources are available, people are getting the help they need (but may not want or accept).

What about the families? Often, the families are left to fend for themselves and attempt to figure out how to handle problems and emotional strain in a chaotic and confusing (sometimes completely insane) environment.

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I post videos to help people learn how to navigate this world. If you want to keep up to date on my free video content, subscribe to my YouTube channel for life saving messages

This featured video is a little different. I took it from my podcast, it is featuring my mother and myself talking openly about some of our adventures together when I was using drugs.

Annebritt Birkland

What I love about Jen is she brings her best to everything she does, and she always listens to me carefully, so I feel heard and respected around her. She has an unusual skill of getting right to the heart of core issues(s) with compassion while at the same time setting clear boundaries for behaviors and actions. She inspires positive motivated action and is an amazing coach who listens carefully to those she works with. I can confidently bring any project or issue to Jen and count on her to open my eyes and my mind to greater perspective and more effective actions.


Jen helped me out tremendously when our oldest was spiraling out of control. It was so helpful to talk to her and get her perspective and insights during such a chaotic time. I would recommend her services to any parent dealing with a child’s addiction.


Jen has a way of seeing past any negative in a situation and getting into the solution. Jen is a loving and kind soul. It takes a lot to deter her from achieving what she has set out to do. She has shown to have the ability to show up for others in their darkest of times with a loving and sturdy presence.

Guest Spot

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 10.31.38

I recently had the pleasure of joining Ray Lynch on his radio show called "Miracles in Recovery"

About the show:

On Miracles in Recovery we discuss all aspects of addiction and recovery and how they affect our families, communities, and the relationships within them. Join us for answers on how twelve step recovery programs can work in the lives of addicts and their families. We are also open to discuss any alternative options that have been working in your life as well. It starts by looking in the mirror. Hope is in your corner.

I joined Matt Mittan on his show to talk about my F.A.C.T.S.™ System to support parents that have loved ones with a substance abuse issue.