Are you a parent who has a loved one struggling with substance abuse?

We know how you feel. 

Our Parents Impact Digest can help you get answers. 

We have seen how this affects parents first hand. We are here to answer the hard questions.

Here are some things the parents will learn through the digest:

  • How to support and help your loved one.

  • How to provide loving and supportive boundaries.

  • Find out what is going on inside "the mind" of someone controlled by drugs/alcohol.

  • How to love yourself while still loving them, no matter what they are doing.

  • Insights from the parents point of view.

  • Insights from the addict/alcoholics point of view.


Bilinda and Jen regularly put out content that contains helpful insights, tips, and so much more. We go out into the community and ask parents, what are some questions you want answered? Questions like:

  • How do you get them to admit it, I've confronted him and he denies it and he is 100% on something. 

  • Why, when you are clean for some time, do you feel the need to use again?

  • How can you let drugs destroy everyone you love and everyone who loves you. I will never understand. 

  • Will I ever be able to trust them again???


And so many more. And even better, we answer them. We even ask other addicts/alcoholics to help us answer these tough questions. 

We also host Free Online Q&A Virtual Sessions once a month. Sign up to get the information that could save your loved ones life. 

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More About Us:


Bilinda is a mother of three; two of her children have struggled with substance abuse, beginning in their teens and into young adulthood. 

Bilinda has been supportive and loving to her children in a healthy way, despite how painful and uncertain addiction can be. Helping others rise above their life's challenges is her passion, life's work, and addiction is one of the driving forces. 

Bilinda Blume 


Jen is a recovering addict who has been working with families for years. She helps them learn how to support and care for a loved one with substance abuse. She helps parents understand what is going on with their loved one, and how to get through to them.

She shares her experiences and struggles with others so that they are able to know what a parent needs in order to best support and help their loved ones struggling with substance abuse. 

Jennifer Maneely

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