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This is the conversation you've been needing to have. 

We don't always know where to go next. We get lost, confused, scared. Sometimes people just need to talk a situation out and have a sounding board for what to do next. 

Maybe you just need to feel like you aren't crazy. You could be struggling with your boundaries, you could be struggling with sleeping, knowing what to say, do, and so many more struggles. 

Whatever the struggles are, I can help you gain some clarity. Schedule a call with me, it's free, you have nothing to lose. 

I have a few programs that could even help you which we will talk about in the calls. 

This call is to figure out what is the next best step for you to take. 

Are you scared to make the call?
Are you scared of what it will mean if you voice things out loud? 

Do it anyways. You'll be glad you did. 

Kayaking at Sunrise

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“Jen helped me out tremendously when our oldest was spiraling out of control. It was so helpful to talk to her and get her perspective and insights during such a chaotic time. I would recommend her services to any parent dealing with a child’s addiction.”


Jen has a way of seeing past any negative in a situation and getting into the solution. Jen is a loving and kind soul. It takes a lot to deter her from achieving what she has set out to do. She has shown to have the ability to show up for others in their darkest of times with a loving and sturdy presence.​